4.  30 Second Commercial
2.  Logo or 8 second Ad
on up to 3 monitors and bottom of screen
slideshow on Interview stage.
8 Ways to Sponsor or Advertise on the show
Contact Us
to be
a Sponsor
or Advertiser
of the show
will be seen
2.  Logo on TV Monitors
3.  On-Air Promo by Victoria of a product or business
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4.  Commercials
5.  Ad included in digital magazine
with links to your website and/orfacebook.
6.  Numerous Radio Commercials
on KMIH Online Radio
7.  Inclusion in the NEW BOOK titled "Gifted, Distinguished and Talented."
8.  Be a guest on Making It Happen TV
Bonus -
Link from our website to yours
1.  Logo on bottom of TV screen during a segment as
shown below.